NOTICE: This site is for those who know Joyce and Ben Lopez. The photos are for our enjoyment and friends and family who may want to see them.

Some of the photos are only interesting to Ben who loves photography and enjoyes sharing them with anyone who may be interested. Photography is the creativity through the eyes of the photographer.

If you have any comments, like seeing some glaring errors in the captions, email me and I will respond.

Foothills, Menefee, CA

I took some time to practice with my new Canon camera and these rock formations are a treat for photographers

Foothills, Menefee, CA

These rock formations are not far from the crowded town center of Menefee, but looks to be 100's of miles away

Foothills, Menefee, CA

I took this photo, but wished those power lines were not there. Too much Photoshopping to get them out

Watching Over the Mountains

This rock appeared to me to be a human head watching over the mountains

Wolf Watching

I went to this spot several times, with different lighting. I never saw what looks to be a wolf at the top of this rock until I got home and saw it on the computer

Rock Haystack

I liked this shot, but knew the houses in the background would ruin it. Maybe when I get time I'll remove them in Photoshop

Old Town Temecula

With all the news today about immigrants at the southern border, I thought this photo would enlighten folks about how long this process has been taking place

Old Town Shops

I took a lot of photos of this row of shops with the early morning sun shining through the latticework roof

Old Town Water Tower

I thought this was a picture with great contrast and history of the old west

Old Town Art Work

This is just a portion of the wide painting showing the history of Temecula, CA

Is it a Walrus

I had to take pictures of this rock formation. I came to this spot a few times and on this occassion a bird was resting on top. Maybe an eagle?


I was trying to get a photo to enter into the camera club competition with the title of

Squirrel on Guard

This squirrel seems to be watching out for danger and the light was perfect on his/her face

Three Squirrels on Rocks

There are 3 squirrels on these rocks, can you see all three?

Against the Sky

I liked this shot because of the contrast of colors. Taken near Hemet, CA

Light and Shadows

I liked the light and shadows formed by the table at the Western Science Center museum near Hemet, CA

Life on Earth

Entrance to the Western Science Center museum in Hemet, CA