NOTICE: This site is for those who know Joyce and Ben Lopez. The photos are for our enjoyment and friends and family who may want to see them.

Some of the photos are only interesting to Ben who loves photography and enjoyes sharing them with anyone who may be interested. Photography is the creativity through the eyes of the photographer.

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Day 1 - La Rambla

La Rambla is a walking street at the center of Barcelona's shopping and night club district. Flowers galore!

Day 1 - Flowers For Sale

Another florest selling her flowers.

Day 1 - Sunflowers

Sunflowers done with high-dynamic-range technology (HDR) in Photoshop.

Day 1 - Barcelona Directions

For the two nights in Barcelona, we stayed in the center of everything, including near the walking street of La Rambla.

Day 1 - La Rambla Near the Water

This is the base of the Christopher Columbus Memorial at the end La Rambla. At the top sits a statue of Christopher Columbus, but the dark clouds prevented me to get a good photo of the entire statue.

Day 1 - Government Buildings

The Government Buildings on the left and in the center at the high cliff is where you can ride a cable car over the water. We did not do that.

Day 1 - Columbus Monument

This is the base of the Columbus Monument from the opposite side of Photo No. 5. As I recall, when we visited here in 1977, there was a replica of the Santa Maria, one of the three ships that crossed the Atlantic to the Americas in 1492.

Day 1 - Palm Trees

View on the palm trees lining the streets that parallel the water.

Day 1 - Cable Cars

The cable cars are at the top of the cliff.

Day 2 - Five Guys

In all three cities, London, Paris and Barcelona we were never far from a Subway, Starbucks or Five Guys. Here we were walking to the laundromat in Barcelona.

Day 2 - Lanudry Morning

If we'd have know in both Paris and Barcelona we were close to a laundromat, we could have cut down on the cloths we packed. Here in Barcelona, this laudromat was really nice and in a nice neighborhood. We had to walk several blocks though, in Paris it was about one block to the laundromat.

Day 2 - Sagrada Familia

We took the subway to Sagrada Familia, this is the church that started contruction in 1882 and is still under contruction, using the original blue prints.

Day 2 - Set in Stone

At the 100 year mark of work on this church, 1882-1982. We couldn't get tickets to visit inside the church in the short time we were in Barcelona.

Day 2 - Sagrada Familia

A small park across from the church allowed us time to rest and take photos of the front of the church.

Day 2 - Joyce and Ben

Someone with a camera similar to mine, offered to take photos of us with the church in the background.

Day 2 - Joyce and Ben

Harsh lighting in the middle of the day does not make for good photo lighting.

Day 2 - Front Sagrada Familia

Spain has such a wonderful climate for flowers and trees, not to mention humans.

Day 2 - The Church

You should be able to see the contrast between some of the old construction versus the new at Sagrada Familia.

Day 2 - Sagrada Familia from the Side

The contrast between old and new construction is even more noticable in this shot.

Day 2 - Evening Dinner

We were able to get tickets to a flamenco dinner and show. Here they had a person acting as photographer, but rather than take a photo then try to sell the print to you later, she used each person's own camera or phone, I thought that was a nice touch.

Day 2 - The Food

The food was spread in two rooms, buffet-style, and everything was delicious. The sangria was included.

Day 2 - The Buffet

Some of the food, the paella is in the front pan.

Day 2 - Leg of Lamb

Our table was just to the left of this piece of meat and the hoof was still on it. Didn't bother me, didn't seem to bother Joyce either, since she didn't try any of the sliced meat off of it. I think they said it was a pork leg.

Day 2 - Flameco Studio

After dinner we had first choice of seats in the flamenco room. We were next to the stage., just as we were at the Ledo in Paris.

Day 2 - The Flamenco Dance

We were not allowed to take photos during the show, but they did a five-minute encore to allow us to take photos or movies. I took movies and this is one frame from the movie.

Day 2 - The Dancers and Musicians

At the end, I couldn't help but think of my Dad and recall that though he left Spain, there were things he missed: No. 1, was his family and the culture which included the flameco and bull fighting.

Day 2 - La Rambla at Night

The 1992 Summer Olympics in Spain left its mark. Michael Jordon and the Dream Team won the gold medal for basketball.

Day 2 - Back at the Hotel

After the Flamenco Show on La Rambla, we walked back to the hotel and had drinks at the rooftop restaurant.

Day 2 - Joyce

Just a couple of blocks, but what a contrast from the crowded La Rambla to the quiet setting at the rooftop MidMost Hotel.

Day 3 - Spin in Spain

Vinyl is coming back in the U.S., didn't expect it in Spain too. This was in a department store close to our hotel. Joyce bought some gifts here.

Day 3 - Statues

In Spain, they love their statues. Seems most art of humans, from ancient times, has them in some form of undress.

Day 3 - Pigeon and Statue

As they say “Some days you're the pigeon and some days you're the statue”.

Day 3 - Starbucks

Just across the street from our hotel was a Starbucks, we stopped in to see what it was like. No different, people lined up for drinks and very few tables available.