NOTICE: This site is for those who know Joyce and Ben Lopez. The photos are for our enjoyment and friends and family who may want to see them.

Some of the photos are only interesting to Ben who loves photography and enjoyes sharing them with anyone who may be interested. Photography is the creativity through the eyes of the photographer.

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Day 1 - Having Tea

Nice little Tea Room in the hotel, Park Plaza. Joyce had tea, while I had a latte.

Day 1 - Double-Decker

We didn't ride them, but had to take a photo of the first double-deacker bus that we saw.

Day 1 - Dinner at Hotel

Having dinner at Park Plaza Hotel. Both our meals were served in the pots that they cooked them in, very delicious.

Day 1 - Old Architectural Building

While walking close to the hotel, saw this architectural building. We were close to all the Government buildings, this may have been one of them.

Day 1 - London Eye

The London Eye. I'm not a fan of ferris wheels, this is not a ferris wheel. Twenty-eight people can fit in one of those capsules.

Day 1 - Yes, They Still Use Them

Unlike in the U.S., London has kept the phone booths in place. They use them, but I'm sure they are not all working.

Day 1 - Fish & Chips

Took a taxi over to Harrod's department store and had lunch near the store.

Day 1 - Harrods

We didn't spend much time in Harrods. It was crowded and the price tags were outrageous.

Day 2 - London Bridge

After seeing so many bridges in London, I'm not exactly sure which is called the London Bridge. The orginal is in Arizonaa

Day 1 - Dinner with Tour Group

On the first night with the tour group we ate at a restaurant on the Thames at Butler's Wharf. Fish & chips again.

Day 1 - London Eye at Night

Part of the tour was a ride on the Thames River at night. It rained the whole time, which made it feel like London, but it didn't help with the picture taking.

Day 1 - London Bridge

This shot is from the boat that was part of the tour.

Day 2 - Prince Albert

At 20 year old, Prince Albert married his cousin, Queen Victoria, they had 9 children.

Day 2 - Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth was queen from 1558 until her death in 1603. She was the last monarch of the House of Tudor. She was called the Virgin Queen.

Day 2 - Shakespeare's Hangout

The tour guide brought us to this pub, which he said was one of Shakespeare's hangouts.

Day 2 - On The London Eye

Was not looking forward to getting on the London Eye, but it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable things that we did in London. This shot is of the Paliament Building and Big Ben, which is shrouded in scaffolding.

Day 2 - Joyce and Ben

Joyce and Ben on the London Eye.

Day 2 - Wedding Carriage

We saw a lot of Royal carriages, this one is the one they used for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.

Day 2 - Buckingham Palace

We were restricted from taking photos inside Buckingham Palace and we came and went through the back entrance. Was somewhat disappointing.

Day 3 - The Codswolds

We took an excursion to the England countryside, The Codswolds. We stopped in 3 small towns, this was the first.

Day 3 - Burford

Beautiful country villages, Burford is hilly with a backdrop of rolling green hills.

Day 3 - Sandstone

The hilly village houses are mostly made of sandstone, except for the one on the left that is made of wood.

Day 3 - Joyce Resting

These tours are timed precisely, so you've got to rush to see as much as possible. Here, we needed a rest.

Day 3 - Joyce and Ben

Just enough time to take a picture before we head back to the bus.

Day 3 - Brick and Stone

The houses are maintained well, especailly since most are 100's of years old.

Day 3 - Tunnels and Walkways

The villages in the Cotwolds are build with mostly rock that could be quarried, for the era.

Day 3 - Bibury

The second village is Bibury, here we will have lunch, not before a stroll through these beautiful sandstone homes.

Day 3 - Bibury Gardens

In front of the Swan Hotel, where we will have lunch, are beautiful gardens filled with these very large leafy plants.

Day 3 - River Coin

The Swan Hotel is in the background of this garden island on the River Coin.

Day 3 - River Coin

These private gardens are beautiful, but with the bus schedule and lunch, we did not have time to tour these gardens.

Day 3 - Burton-on-the-Water

This was the third stop on the tour. Lots of cafe's and shops here.

Day 3 - Stow-on-the-Wold

This inn, the oldest in England, wasn't close to the bus stop, but I had to make it here to have a beer.

Day 3 - The Porch Inn

Though the oldest inn  in England, it has changed names several times.

Day 3 - Low Hanging Beams

When this inn was built, people were not very tall. If I would have walked straight, my head would have hit that beam.

Day 3 - Looking for Chocolate

Besides having the oldest pub in England, the tour guide told us this town was famous for its chocolate. Joyce found the chocolate shop in time.

Day 3 - Thatched Roof

My idea of the Cotwolds was the photo in the tour guide book, it was of a thatched roof house. When I asked the tour guide would we see any thatched roof houses, she said there were none in the Cotwolds. Then on the way back to London, the driver stopped in front of this house and I was able to take a picture of this house through the bus window.

Day 3 - Westminster Abby

It was a long way back to the Park Plaza hotel and a couple in our group said lets walk, so we did and were able to take photos of Westminster Abby.