NOTICE: This site is for those who know Joyce and Ben Lopez. The photos are for our enjoyment and friends and family who may want to see them.

Some of the photos are only interesting to Ben who loves photography and enjoyes sharing them with anyone who may be interested. Photography is the creativity through the eyes of the photographer.

If you have any comments, like seeing some glaring errors in the captions, email me and I will respond.

Butterfly Gardens

We didn't spend a lot of time here, maybe one quick walk-through while taking pictures along the way. There were a lot of butterflies, but they aren't that easy to photograph.


They explained some of the types of butterfies along the way, but I don't recall any the names.


They did have other things to view while strolling through the butterfly house.


This is an orient-looking display with goldfish at the bottom.

Buchchart Gardens

As we enter Buchart Gardens just outside of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Thiese photos were all taken just before dark, there was some cloud filtering little bit of sun. The good thing there was very little harsh shadowing.


Some of the beautiful flowers at the Gardens.

Flowers & Stump

More of the flowers displays at the Gardens.

More Flowers

Some of the beautiful colors on display.

Garden Overlook (1)

Overlooking the gardens.

Garden Overlook (2)

More overlook of the gardens.

White Lillies

Nice lighting for this shot.


I believe this is a replica of the dragon myth of Ogopogo. Joyce and I spent a long weekend at Lake Okanagan where this “Lock Ness Monster” like dragon has supposed to be seen.

Flower Path

One of the flowers paths in  the gardens. Joyce and I were both pretty tired at this point and didn't see as much as we would have if we were well rested.