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Some of the photos are only interesting to Ben who loves photography and enjoyes sharing them with anyone who may be interested. Photography is the creativity through the eyes of the photographer.

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First Day In Seattle

After a full day of travel and a good night's sleep, we walked the 4 blocks to visit the Pike Place Market the No. 1 tourist attraction in Seattle.

Seattle Has Hills

After 23 years from the time we moved away from Seattle, I forgot how beautiful this city is, even got a little emotional at this point.

First Starbucks

The line was too long to wait to get a drink at the first Starbucks. I'm not sure if we ever had a drink in this Starbucks, but back then it wasn't such a big deal as it is now.

Pike Place Market

One of the many fish companies in the Pike Place Market

Pike Place Leather

Hard to find true 100% leather belts, I bought 2 from this stand at the Market.

Overlook at the Market

That's Elliott Bay in the background along with some of downtown Seattle.

Downtown Seattle

As our cruise ship moved from the dock, I took this photo of downtown Seattle.

Mt Rainier from Sea

We got our first glimpse of Mt. Rainier as we moved away from Seattle on way to Alaska.

After the Cruise

This was after the Alaska cruise and we are back in Seattle. This is from the top of the Spave Needle.


After the cruise, the first place we ate in Seattle was Ivar's Acres of Clams and they didn't disappoint. It was as good as we remembered.


This is the first house that we lived in when we moved to the Seattle area in 1984.


The house 2nd from the left is the last house we lived in prior to moving back to Virginia.

Country Village

Country Village in Bothell, was opened when we lived there, but Bothell is a changed place and they are about to close this country village.

Joyce at Country Village

These huge cedar trees are everywhare and make such nice objects in portraits.

Coworkers at GPO

From left to right Ed, Donna, Mary, Ken & Joyce. Donna and Ken were coworkers of mine at GPO. Ed works for the Corps of Engineers in the same building as GPO. Donna, Ed and I all bowled in the CoE League. Ken and I were also fishing buddies.

Safeco Field

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a baseball fan of the Seattle Mariners and Safeco Field was opened after we left, so this is our first visit to this stadium.

Ken Griffey, Jr.

This statue is in front of Safeco Field. Many believe that Griffey saved baseball in Seattle and helped to have this stadium built.

Inside the Park

Joyce and Ben inside Safeco Field

Inside the Park

As luck would have it, Felix Hernandez was the pitcher on the night we were there. The yellow shirts in the section on the left is called the King's Court.

Bill & Myrna

Bill and Myrna were our neighbors when we lived in Bothell. Myrna was kind enough to invite us for breakfast . We accepted and had a great meal and reminisced of days gone by.

Bill and Myrna

Bill and Myrna in front of theri house that they've lived in for over 30 years.

Visiting Bothell

While visiting Myrna and Bill: Joyce and Ben with our house that we lived in while living in Bothell in the background

Joyce and Myrna

It was so nice seeing Myrna and Bill after 23 years.

Mt. Adams

On our way to La Conner which is north of Seattle we stopped at a market and I took this shot of Mt. Adams.

Italiano in La Conner

We found this little place in La Conner that had pottery from Italy from places that we had visited in 2014. A couple owned the place and the husband was from Italy.

La Conner, WA

The shops in La Conner along this river. We used to take day trips a lot and La Conner was one of the places we liked to visit.

Third Visit to the Market

We made one last visit to the Pike Place Market to have some salmon and crab shipped to our home.

Another Fish Stand

There are a number of thes e fish markets along the walk around the Market.

Joyce and Kathy

While visiting Kathy, Joyce's cousin, and her husband Denny

Ben, Joyce and Kathy

Kathy and Denny live on a hill overlooking the town of Issaquah, WA

Joyce, Kathy and Denny

We had a wonderful lunch and visit at Kathy and Denny's beautiful home

Joyce and Gail

Joyce spent the last day with Gail. We also had dinner the first day after the cruise with Gail and her husband Bill.

Last Day

Just before we dropped off the rental car we stopped at this mall close to the airport and off in a distance we could see Mt. Rainier.


Joyce with Mt. Rainier in the background.