NOTICE: This site is for those who know Joyce and Ben Lopez. The photos are for our enjoyment and friends and family who may want to see them.

Some of the photos are only interesting to Ben who loves photography and enjoyes sharing them with anyone who may be interested. Photography is the creativity through the eyes of the photographer.

If you have any comments, like seeing some glaring errors in the captions, email me and I will respond.

Sunset First Day on Cruise

On the first day on our first cruise, we sat at the top restaurant with a beautiful view of the sunset heading west

At Sea First Full Day

As we went from 90° to about 55° in about 24 hours, at first it was a relief

Getting Some Self Photos

We probably were in Canadian waters after about 16 hours at sea.

Empty Pool

We didn't see many people in the outdoor pool the entire 7-day cruise.

We Aren't on the Sea Shepard

I thought this guy looked like Paul Watson the captain of the Sea Shepard, famous for his saving the whales ship.


It was warming some. Got into the 60's at times.

Roaming Around

Just roaming around the observation deck taking photos along the way. We were in the inner passage and the scenery was terrific, even with all the clouds.

First Port Stop, Juneau

On our way to 6 hours of excursions, would have liked to stop and have some King Crab.

Picturesque Walkway

On way to waterfalls I saw these streams along the way. I had no tripod, so found a place I could rest my camera and get a shot off at very slow shutter speed to capture the silky stream

Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier from waterfalls path.

Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier

Pretty much the same view as previous photo with waterfalls maybe a little more pronounced.

Eagle in the Wild

On way to our salmon dinner crossing a walking bridge, someone said they saw an eagle. Fortunately I had a long lens on my camera and was able to capture a few shot of him/her.

Eagle in the Wild

Same eagle with a little more of the surrounding area. It was camoflauged well. Amazing someone saw it..

Whale Watching Boat

This is the boat that we are about to re-doard to go whale watching

Salmon Lodge

We had a salmon dinner at this lodge. Most disappointing part of the trip. Salmon was way overcooked here and also on the cruise. But, this place was the worst.

First Whale Sighting

Our first sighting of the whale looked like a shark in the water.

We See a Whale

He's swimming closer to the top. The whales can only stay down in the water for about 45 minutes. So they have spotters to let the whale watching boats know when they will come up again.

We Got a View of the Tail

We saw the whale, but he didn't come out too far out of the water.

A Big Jump This Time

He took a big jump this time, but all I got was the tail. People were pushing each other on the baot to get a better view. But, I did get some shots off of thne tail, which is the identifying marlk for whales.

I Got the Tail

Was able to get a shot off of the tail with this big jump out of the water.

That's It for Whale Watching

Though we only saw that one whale jump out of the water a couple of times, it was well worth it. One of the most exciting parts of the cruise.

Heading Back

On way back to the whale watching port, there was some beautiful scenery. This is just one of those scenes.

Whale Watching Port

Although considered Juneau, this port was several miles from our cruise port. Along the bus ride to and from this port, we saw wild eagles everywhere.

Glacier Bay

After the whale watching back to the ship and the following day we are at Glacier Bay.

Reflection on Glacier Bay

With the glacier to our back, I took this selfie of Joyce and I. It was cold and windy here. I was out on this deck for clost to 3 hours.

Inching Closer

The bay was filled with chucks of ice. The captain had to also navigate around the icebergs. I assume they've been through there enough times that they know where each iceberg is.

Ice Chucks

The water was filled with these ice chunks, but this big ship had no problem with them bouncing off the boat skin.

300 Feet High

Notice the boat closer to the glacier than we are. Gives you an idea how large this glacier is, it's estimated to be on average 300 feet high.

Cracking Ice

As we get closer to the glarier we start hear popping sounds, then when the closest as we got those pops sounded like shotgun blasts.

Inching Even Closer

We are getting nearer and nearer to the glacier. The announcement prior to moving toward the glacier was that they didn't think they could get too close with all the ice chucks in the water.

Cracking of Ice is Loud

We are as near as we're going to get and the loud cracking of the ice and the chunks falling into the water is exciting to see and hear.

See Chucks Breaking Off

It's hard to capture the excitement of seeing this in person with still photos, even movies don't do it justice.

Big Splash

Caught one of the big splashes.

Sitka, Port No. 2

On way to bird sanctuary and hospital.

Rapter Sanctuary

At bird hospital with large eagle.


This is one of the small owls that is being treated back to health.


This eagle is also being treated back to health, then will be returned to the wild.

Totem Village

This park was full of toterm poles and there was a history behind each of them.

Totem Poles

Two of the many totem poles in this park.

Native Dancers

Sitka is home to the Tlingít Native Dance Performance, which we saw perform. They dance with babies in their arms and children are included.

Fish & Chips

After the excursions we at fish and chips in Sitka. It was nice out so we ate on the deck with this view of the mountains.

Crabs Dinners

We didn't notice this tent set up for crab on the way to Sitka. Seems that they set up here next to the cruise ships docked and sell crab dinners. Looks like dungeness crab pots.

Northern Sea Otter

When we got back to the boat, we sat out on the verandah and watched this sea otter having some fun in the port.

Ketchikan, Post No. 3

We planned to spend the day in Ketchikan with no excursions. That's what we did and it appeared to be the right decision.  A lot of shops and close to the docked ship.

Done Shopping

Last day in Alaska and we did all that we planned on doing. Now, off to Vancouver Island in Canada.