About Us:

I've been obsessed with optics and photography since my pre-teen years. I made it my hobby from the early days; however, with today's digital photography and being a web developer, I've decided to create this web site and share my passion. What you will see here are years of photos, technology and skills improving.

"A photographer's reality is what he or she wants to show." - Fred Picker

I've quoted Fred Picker, because his book, Zone VI Workshop, inspired me to constantly keep improving my photography skills. Picker is somewhat controversial, but in the days of film and darkrooms, his methods made a lot of sense to me. I don't necessarily agree with all his rigid rules, but for him it works and I'm sure it has inspired a lot of other photographers.

Do I miss the days of film and darkroom? Yes, but for nostalgic reasons only. Anyone who's been in a darkroom and with great anticipation, waiting for that image to come into view, will understand why I miss film and the darkroom. But, being the pragmatic person that I am, I've embraced digital in all it's forms.